World Naked Bike Ride

Naked Biker

You look so cute,
standing proud in your birthday suit;
hirsute places are now exposed
in unseen nether regions pale
where tanning sunlight never goes
when you’re enveloped by your clothes.

But now you’re bare;
by-standers looking everywhere,
up and down, staring at your head,
the only part that’s covered up.
“Wear protection” is what they said,
“you’re safer when you’re helmeted.”

Butt-naked man
mounts the bike any way he can.
He’s planning on no saddle sores,
pumping hard he’s jellied up,
vaseline oozing from his pores,
bare-bottomed for a worthy cause.

take care that you protect your sex.
A naked quest!  So new fangled!
Anticipate the very worst.
Elevate the dangle angle
to stop your gear being mangled.

Riding nude
your motives may be misconstrued.
It’s not that rude.  You sound your bell.
It’s hard you know but you’ve a cause –
dependency on oil dispelled
and making cycling safe as well.

8th June 2013Notes:  “London’s cyclists bare all for World Naked Bike Ride event.”  Hundreds of bare-bottomed cyclists took to the streets of London today for the World Naked Bike Ride event.  The annual ride, which is also taking place in Brighton and Southampton as well as in cities across the globe, is a protest against oil dependency and a way to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road.  Some spectators were less than amused by the brazen riders. One said: “A cavalcade of naked cyclists have just ridden past my house. It wasn’t a pretty sight.”

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